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(sh-taa-tz) A word stemming from New York used most commonly by young Russian males when silencing a woman. It is often yelled while being combined with a backhand gesture or karate chopping motion. Shtats can also be yelled after a serious accomplishment, due to excitement, randomly or to describe something as sick or dope. Shtats also works as a verb: to Shtats or shtatsing.
Stop badgering me woman! SHTATS!!!! *lifts hand*.

my boy got an rs4 SHTATS!! Let's go do all wheel drive burnouts.

You stepped on my supreme hat SHTATSSSS! That shit was limited.

I'm shtatsing around, what are you up to?

She told me she was a freshman, found out that she meant in high school... I did it anyway... SHTATSSSS!
by Lightasammo October 25, 2010
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