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During a really hot shower when you gently breathe out of your nose and an awesome, mind-cleansing snot demon thrusts out of your face; and you feel freshly birthed.
Shower booger is the noun; shower boogering is the verb. Shower buggering is not a good idea because water makes for a poor lubricant. Splurge for lube, trust me.

K-Y, under normal conditions, is one of the best lubes out there when taking into consideration cost versus performance. It has nice mouth feel, has some good legs for marathons and food challenges, it's dolphin-safe, and gluten-free. Add in the fact it's priced competitively and you have what I consider to be the Honda Accord of lube - a bit bland, sure, but reliable, user friendly, and a good overall value.

But that doesn't mean K-Y is perfect. It contains an ingredient called "glycerin," which is a humectant, meaning it draws moisture to the area where of application. In sub-zero temperatures, as highlight bybthe autist above, K-Y becomes a liability. The more moisture drawn, the greater likelihood of bonding persons engaged in coitus or even individuals engaged in masturbating with a seal carcass like that one time I went to the North Pole.

That's why I recommend that anyone having intercourse in freezing temperatures use Astroglide. It contains no glycerin and is thus less likely to inadvertently "glue" things to other things. Also, it contains aloe vera, which can help sooth irritated skin caused by micro abrasions that develop from extended anal sex or after jerking off with 600 grit sandpaper just to see what happens.
by BL00DFaRT October 31, 2016
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