The shower one must take after a horrific experience.

Failed, yet valiant, attempt at trying to make it home before shitting yourself; Horrible break-up; Rick-Rolled; Watching 2Girls1Cup; Etcetera, etcetera


John: " I didn't make it home last was horrible man, I had shit everywhere."

Steve: "Looks like someone had to take the Shower of Shame!"
by booty bandits August 17, 2012
A shower taken the day after a brutal night of debauchery and drunken hook-ups. It may involve crying, and thorough regret but is always satisfying and cleanses the body and mind of un-brushed teeth and octopus hands.

It is usually scalding hot as a self punishment.
After a night of drinking and making out with dirty Steve I had to have a shower of was the only way.
by georgia rule June 28, 2009
This occurs when one is attending a Victoria's Secret fashion show and is sat in the back row. They get a bit carried away, and have to let it out. This is released onto the row in front, and it is this action that is a 'sticky shower of shame'.
Guy 1: I think that guy just had a sticky shower of shame.
Guy 2: Damn, I hope he can clean up.