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The Shower Shuffle is an often surprisingly rhythmic set of motions one takes part in during a shower. Including quick side-to-side or forward and aft movements. The wet and slippery surface of the shower floor lends itself well to slippage of the feet; making the act even more representative of the dance class known as the shuffle. The Shower Shuffle is caused by inconsistent water temperature (often much too hot) that said person is trying to avoid. It is most common in older buildings with poor plumbing, because a simple flushing of a toilet, or turning on of a sink, can result in the expulsion of boiling hot water from the shower-head.
Male 1: F*** dude, I was just doing the Shower Shuffle like mad and I still got like 3rd degree burns on my back.
Male 2: Ya that’s why I shower early in the morning or late at night. Less activity means less chance I get burned.

Male 1: I guess.
Male 2: Also man, use the shower on the left, its way better at keeping a constant temperature.
Male 1: Ya no, I’m not gunna use that one cause I know you piss in it.
Male 2: True fact. True fact.
by Yellow Enzo September 29, 2012
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