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Show dumping, which gets its name from the badminton horse trials, is in full public view of fellow contestants and viewing judges alike, clearly in the interests that there is no cheating.

It is a soldiers past time when bored on operations or exercise. Each contestant will step forward and either climb a tree, or fence depending on what 'field' furniture is available. He/she (i'm just being PC - i have yet to see a she do this) will then present ones backside 'proud' of the said tree branch/fence rail & pull ones trousers down around the ankles. Point of not here - dont fall out the tree/off the fence.
The contestant will then 'let one go', shouting 'bombs away'. When completed, the contestant will state 'clear' and pull trousers up. Point of not for the judges here - dont walk forward when the contestant has his /her trousers down, i dont need to explain why.
Each judge will then hold up home made score cards for all to see giving marks out of ten.
Points are awarded for quantity (army rations can be held within the bowel for up to 10 days) and artistic impression.
After a chicken curry and some processed cheese, Neil scored a perfect '10' on his very first showdumping
by Prophet Ted July 01, 2010
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