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An easy engine modification which connects to the throttle body and boosts performance. Called a SRI because of its short piping and the air filter resides next to the engine, easily noticeable inside the engine bay. A Short Ram Intake works by drawing in a larger volume of air (from the engine bay) and sending it forcefully through piping (usually larger than the stock setup)and into the throttle body for combustion. Installing SRIs takes minutes. All one must do is remove their factory air box and filter assembly and replace it with the after-market system.
-On the negative side, SRI's sit next to the engine bay, which builds up heat after running. The air filter will draw in warm air which is less combustible than cold. Any even in some cases, SRIs can match the performance of your factory setup if taking in to much hot air. This is where CAIs come in.
-On the positive side, SRIs provide better throttle response than a CAI and even develop more torque. Since the filter is sitting where the engine is, one won't have to worry about water getting into the intake and destroying their engine. Also SRIs produce an pleasing and sweet sounding induction sound that sounds very aggressive.
SRIs are a good choice for people not wanting to spend more on a CAI system, since is it good on the $$, and relatively, they produce around the same as a CAI but they lose their power throughout the higher powerband, where the CAI unleashes it's.
My friends Madza MX-6 has a cold air intake, while my car as a Short Ram Intake, because my car needs the torque. I also argue how sometimes my SRI is better than his CAI
by TskylineGTRR34 November 26, 2007
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