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A special breed of redneck residing on the DelMarVa peninsula. They can oft be seen with a rod and cooler rack mounted to the front of their lifted truck or jeep. With a 'Salt Life' decal on the back glass. They possess a unique form of speech that for unknown reasons are a mix between a Virginia and a central Appalachian accent, even if they immigrated from New Jersey. Their footwear of choice is usually a roper style boot from Justin or Ariat, even if they've never ridden a horse. Carhartt coats are the preferred outer layer fall to spring. It is possible that Duck Commander decals will also be seen on their vehicles.
Shore·billy /SHôrˈbilē/
Plural Shorebillies

"Ey Jimbo, ewe wanna let tha are out the tars in drive on oot to Assateague and do some fashin?"

"Naw, a tooh minnie shoe-er beelees oot thar a-ready. Maybe tahmar."

by The Player Formerly Known as M September 20, 2017
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A surfer with no life beyond the beach. A territorial surfer. A hillbilly of the shore. Derogatory term.
The shorebilly was always skipping school to surf. Similar to: the hillbilly never went to class so he could hunt possum.
by John Zentaugh June 05, 2005
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