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Like road rage, only it occurs in a shopping center/grocery store while driving carts instead of cars.

It's that feeling you have toward the fat lady, who is parked directly in the middle of the isle, making it completely impossible to pass her on either side. You know she is just trying to decide if she should go with diet coke instead of regular, just so she can get more twinkies and so doesn't see you or care that you're trying to get by.

When you have to stiffle the urge to ram them or even to say "excuse me" because you KNOW it'll come out more like "Get the FUCK OUT OF MY WAY YOU DUMB BITCH!!"

It's the slow old people, the ones that cut you off, the ones that are completly lost, the ones that don't use blinkers (ok, so carts don't have blinkers, but in this state of mind you think they should) etc
I had to leave Wal-Mart. Yeah I forgot a few things, but there were so many people in there, I knew I was having a bad case of shopping cart rage coming on.
by cinymin86 November 22, 2009
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