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Large bottomed people who lean their upper bodies into the shopping cart while propeling said cart with their dinosaur shaped thighs. Typically they lumber slowly and often in small (number not size) packs. there is legtimate fear of being caught in front of a heard of these when the blue light goes off at K-mart.
A Shopasaurus is a large bottomed person at a Wal Mart, Target or any supermarket. See how they will lay their chest in the upper basket, sometimes lower their O2 tank into the cart, either cross their arms or grasp the sides of the cart, but never the handle and lumber down the aisles. they often turn their heads side to side as though ripping vegatation out of the ground as they communicate with their herd about just how many boxes of snack cakes to get this week.

Their feet are almost always adorned with Crocs or Sandals and always with socks.

The spiny version of this species lines their six packs of sodas straddling the perimeter of the cart. This resembles a rocket assembly, but I am pretty sure it is for defense only.
by mad anthony 86 June 20, 2011
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