This refers to a tactic that B movies employ to fill out the run time. This can refer to stock footage that was purchased or stock footage that was filmed at a public event.
Human 1: “Did you see that shitty movie Twister’s Revenge?”

Human 2: “Isn’t that the one where they Shoot the Rodeo right in the middle?”

Human 1: “Haha, yeah. Comes right out no where too.”

In the documentary “Faces of Death” they don’t “Shoot the Rodeo” but use plenty of stock footage to pad out the time and have something visual on screen at all times.
by The Angry Pissedoff Gamer August 26, 2020
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Coined by RedLetterMedia. During the production of a movie, filming scenes at large public events to increase the production value of your of your work without substantially increase the production budget.
We’re going to be shooting the rodeo today during the city’s annual St. Patricks Day Parade.
by BabaYaga1646 June 15, 2019
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