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A Shonentard is a highly moronic teen or sad adult that loves and takes action shonens seriously (action shonens: anime that focus on mindless fights, lack of realism, dumb characters, and terrible everything, besides an occasionally good OST). Shonentards generally:

a). pay no mind to the fact that their show follows no logic and lacks realism,

b). act very dumb online,

c). consider seinen (seinen: opposite of shonen) that don't have lots of violence and fanservice to be boring,

d). don't like any realistic characters who lack a traumatic event from their past and are now motivated by friendship to protect the ones they love, and in turn claim realistic characters lack characterisation because of their lack of the aforementioned traits,

e). only care about their unchoreographed fights, what happens next in the senseless story, how cool a character is (character coolness to a shonentard is different from that of a normal person and usually evolves into becoming attracted to characters and mix and matching them into imagined relationships), and how good the music is, paying little to no attention to the real nuances and factors that make films entertaining,

f). buy lots of related merchandise and/or cosplay simply to boost their own fandom,

g). are easily manipulated by plot-driven shonens into thinking they're intelligent, when really they consist of lame battles of fake logic combined w/ fake emotion.
Various plausible shonentard conversations:

"Shonentard 1: dude did u c moribito last nite?
Tard 2: lol no try boribito"

"Tard 1: i cant wait 2 c wut hapens next on naruto
Tard 2: totaly i was so shockd when zibobo betraed the leef vilage. narutos plot twists is awesome"

"Tard 1: Bleach is geting great, Ichigo jus lerned the powerfulest attack yet, it completely destroied haf of tokyo
Tard 2: i havent watched bleach latly, i sorta like inteligent shows now like Death note, Code geass and FMA"

"Person 1: Hi, I'd like a some anime recommendations. I'm looking for something with an impressive plot, something that could make me think, some neat action (but not focused around it) and maybe some rather fancy animation or direction. Thanks.
Tard 1: most peopl say naruto but i disagree, i like bleach more"
by donewithdumb December 14, 2010
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