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The act of getting so drunk that you pass out with your shoes still on. Upon arising in the morning with a wicked case of cottonmouth you can't figure out why your boots are still with you under the covers. The only logical explaination is that the "shoebuddies" dropped by and put them back on while you were sleeping it off.
Bart got into it again last night and the shoebuddies paid him a visit. Yuuuupppp!
by Slump Daddy January 23, 2014
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The act of exchanging one shoe between two middle-aged, slightly overweight, white men riding skateboards without kicktails.
On 12/4/2005 LesE wrote in from

Anyone need a size 10 left foot Vans? C'mon and be my shoe buddy!
by semiTRUCKRE February 09, 2010
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