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(Verb) Sh-naw-sing.
(a) The act of butting into a private conversation in which you are not necessarily welcomed, but supply your opinions anyway. (b) Often refers to unwelcomed opinions that are vulgar or obscene and does not have much to do with the nature of the conversation at hand. (c) Someone butting their nose into other people's affairs in a rude and disrespectful or unhelpful matter. May not always be in a mean manner, but is usually seen as an unwelcomed act of getting attention.
Clint: "Dude! She totally gave the whole class an F on the test!"
Tristin: "Holy crap! Seriously?! How hard was it?"

Derek: "Hard enough for her to get on top and F the shit out of it! Am I right? High 5!"
Clint: "Quit Shnawsing asshole!"
by VoKittle October 25, 2010
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