Popping pills, helluh on. When you're helluh high on pills, you keep saying "sh" everytime you use a word with "s" in it.
This Guy: Ey, you on pillz man?
Shmackin Shmark: Hell yaw, what's shmackin mang?
This Guy: LOL what's your name?
Shmackin Shmark: Shmackin Shmark mang. I put that on mamash mang.
by Shmackin Shmark December 18, 2009
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When something is fun(like a party), to get something started(like a fight).
ex 1:"A yo cuz, that party was shmackin!!!"
ex 2:"It's about to be on and shmackin cuz, dat bitch keep talkin shit, i'm bout to crack her off top!"
by Kai'yonna December 29, 2005
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