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A person, normaly a man, who trolls all the time. This person can be fun and loving, but will annoy the hell out of you with his trolling and constant playing of the XBOX. You can tell when you are in a room with a shknife when you

1) See him yelling at his game
2) Has a nerdgasm when playing COD
3) Gorilla grunts when getting an epic headshot
4) Talks to girlfriend on cellphone (if he has one) by holding the phone with his turtles.
5) Thinks that caps lock is amazing

Also, calling one a Shknife is the perfect comebake to being called a Queef.
Guy: " OMG! WTF! Did you see that! "

Girl: " Hun, I cant see that . . . . im on the phone."

Guy: " FUCK YEAH! *gorilla grunts *

Girl: " Babe I think im going to go now ok? "

Guy: " BAM! Headshot! OMG . . . . im sorry what hun?"

Girl: " . . . . . Shknife . . . . ." *click*
by hinata_hyuuga August 14, 2010
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