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Something that is of very bad or very poor quality.
Example 1 -
Man 1: Did you see the Phoenix Suns play yesterday.
Man 2: Yeah, they played like shizenhousen.

Example 2 -
Man 1: So I fucked that girl last night
Man 2: I bet you were shizenhousen weren't you?
Man 1: *sigh* *bows head down in shame* Yep

Example 3:
Teacher: Peter Nguyen....what is this?
Peter: It's my essay miss
Teacher: Well fucking do it again coz it's shizenhousen!
Peter: Fuck you miss!
Teacher: What did you say?
Peter: I said, Puck you miss with a 'P'. Can't you hear properly or something.
by [Peter.x.=] January 03, 2009
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