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SHIWOTS is an abbreviation for the saying "Some How I Wouldn't Of Thought So". The majority of the time it is used to counter someones comment that they have either exaggerated or was lead to believe was the truth, when in actual fact they have no idea what they are talking about. It can also be used when a human is says something and is clearly being sarcastic about it, then will follow his comment with the word SHIWOTS. SHIWOTSY is also a common way to pronounce it due the ease it flows off the tounge..
Example 1.
Gary - "Man that chick I got creepy with last was a fucking rig"
Richard - "Ahhhhh Shiwots"

Example 2.
Gary got all over last night and woke up feeling like a fish aka he was super slung.. He spent over 200 bucks and now has zero dollars in his bank account. He also crept out a big stinka, they exchanged numbers and she now wants to go out again tonight. Gary fucking cares about this chick..

GARY "does anyone want any piss from the bottlo, im keen to get on it again soon. Im probably gona invite that chick over for some drinks as well before we go to this hella exy bar aka....... SHIIIIIWOTSY"
by Ornashay Effnay April 12, 2010
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