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Shivonne is an outgoing, shy, but fun to be around, individual. You can always go to Shivonne when you are down or need someone to talk to because she will always listen and give you great advice. She is pretty, smart, talented, and overall a great person and would be lucky to find someone like her. She is loyal and friendly with everyone she meets, unless they give a reason for her not to be.

She may come off a bit shy, but once you get to know her, you will not regret spending time with her. You could be on the phone with her for hours and it only feel like minutes.

If you ever find a Shivonne, make sure not to lose her because you will not find another quite like her.
Person 1: who's that girl?
Person 2: oh her? That's Shivonne! She's so pretty, but every guy is after her. Good luck pal
by Thyuglyonez October 10, 2018
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A big, strong girl who insists on riding shotgun.
"You'd better get out of that seat before Shivonne sees you and gives you the beat down."
by KTDigs November 26, 2011
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