A shitty Person Is a Person Who Doesn't Give An Absolute Fuck About Life And Self Advocates To Hurt Other People Such As Breaking Their Ankle
Damn That Shitty Person Is A Piece Of Shit For EveryOne In This Hell Hole
by brie2019 March 15, 2020
A person that’s that screws up so many times they can not count it on there fingers and toes x2
Dude your a shitty person
by Meme digger March 13, 2018
An individual is engaged in a strenuous activity and finds himself/herself in GI distress and on verge of defecating on oneself during said activity; individual still completes activity or event in a respectable time frame or other measurement. Used mostly when referring to athletic endeavor.
Runner: yo bitches I was cruising in my relay race on the A1A and rolling so hard I nearly shit my pants; unfortunately I had to ease up. Still ran a good time, it's my new shitty personal best.

Teammates: you better get yourself to a port a potty ASAP before you actually shit yourself. Just saying.
by OG Baby Giraffe January 9, 2011