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1.When you're shit out of luck, at your literal lowest point, when it seems like the whole world is against you and nothing can get any worse.
2. A really, really bad big time disappointment.
3. When you've been utterly, totally cunted by someone or some life event.
a, Larry: "Hey what's the matter?"
John: "My wife left me, I lost my job and now ma damn dog's run away."
Larry: "Man you got the shitcunt blues."

b, I just missed my train to work. Now my boss is gonna dock my pay and I won't be able to afford to go to that titty bar this weekend. Jeez I got the shitcunt blues so baaaad.

c, I just found out my girlfriend's been banging my dad for the last six months. Now I got the shitcunt blues so bad I'm gonna sink a crate of bud and go self harm to some emo music.
by munkeylegend December 08, 2013
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