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Shitbass is a genre of music and a music-related subculture which started in Evansville, Indiana with the release of Happy Fascist Italians' "New Rococo Scat Party" in early 2010.

Influenced heavily by speedbass and breakcore, Shitbass songs usually time out around the 1:30 mark and revolve around distorted bassdrums, chopped breaks, and heavy sampling of other musical works and records, often using comedic juxtaposition. As such, the genre is incredibly freeform and constantly changing.

As of 2011, the genre maintains a limited following, is mostly local to Evansville, Indiana, and is exemplified by "musicians" such as Happy Fascist Italians, Volun Woostion, Camel Boy, Morgan Freeman's Junk, Mr. Inedible, and Cassius Cobblebottom.

Shitbass is released through the "Network 24" collective/label; local to Evansville, IN.
I went to that underground shitbass party in Newburgh last night, but got scared off by all the ghetto-ass ravers drinking pabst blue ribbon.
by dankassraveboy January 22, 2011
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Shitbass is a dance music genre from Evansville, IN. Similar to breakcore, speedcore, speedbass, and suomisaundi, shitbass songs rely on comedic sampling of popular material and punishing bassdrum rhythms.

Happy Fascist Italians like to claim that they invented Shitbass but the music existed before HFA started making it. Some of the people who went on to make Shitbass were known from 2005-2008 or so to make a genre we all called "Bogus Breaks", which had the same "Dance music + pop culture humor" mentality that Shitbass has. HFA came along and made the genre a harder edge, and in doing so changed the name of it.

Thus... Bogus Breaks was more or less proto-shitbass. Some classic bogus albums can still be found in Evansville's underground culture. (Various Artists - Great Music Race of 2006 and Fenrir - Who Knows How to Mecca Sandwich? are prime examples.)

Happy Fascist Italians + the other shitbass musicians are known as the Network 24 collective. There's a few of the old Bogus Breaks musicians who haven't switched over to the new style or have dropped off the face of the earth complete.
This shitbass is about as annoying as dubstep.
by bogusbroken February 15, 2011
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