May be used to describe a person or object that spews out excesses of crap in verbal or physical form.

Word derives from a combination of the relatively harmless cuss shit and volcano; which until just recently wasn't considered quite as negative a word as it currently is (post Icelandic volcano ash cloud malarkey).
by Shitvafjökul July 2, 2010
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The act of packing an anus with baking soda then topping off with vinegar to create a shitty, bubbly anal volcano. (Mentos and diet coke can be substituted but with somewhat less spectacular results)
I heard Mark and Brian tried a shit bubble volcano last night, I feel bad for those casino cleaners.
by BrainGear October 6, 2017
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A bout of diarrhea that burns so bad that the hair on you asshole gets singed. When your asshole becomes a blowtorch.
I had a deadly bout of volcano shits last night.
by Gollum May 25, 2006
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