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Someone who's breath stinks like shit.
*fuck me, his breath stinks!*
*Yeh he is the biggest shit dragon around*
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by Heybro... March 17, 2017
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When a person is such a raging fiery piece of shit that it's monstrous, as though squeezed straight out of the ass of a dragon from hell. An extremely vulgar, rude individual that probably spends most of their time sucking Satan's balls.
Some guy made me sit through three green lights because he was texting, then flipped me off when I wanted him to move his goddamn car. He was a total shit dragon

Person 1: I laughed so hard during the scene in Attack on Titan where Petra died and Levi was sad.

Person 2: Shut the hell up you fucking shit dragon!
by Illenitsabes November 09, 2015
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