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Someone who always defends and supports things that are clearly wrong and inexcusable. Examples of the sort of things that shit defenders will defend include corruption, injustice, unfairness, and general incompetence. They will often go out of their way to fabricate excuses for these things. Note that a shit defender does not necessarily always possess any of these negative traits themselves, they merely have to defend them.
Bob the shit defender can't stop making excuses for the War in Iraq, insisting that George W. Bush and his cabinet had every right reason to embark on this failed endeavor.

Rachel the shit defender constantly excuses her sociopath boyfriend's inane behavior, such as repeated drunk driving charges and general obnoxious and violently aggressive behavior, including unprovoked hostility toward random people.

Fred the shit defender insists that high school bullying is a normal and healthy process that bullying victims must go through. He claims that everyone who gets bullied deserves it in the first place, for not being popular, confident or strong enough, and that ultimately being bullied will make them stronger people, therefore making the act of bullying justified.
by Internet User 927 May 14, 2010
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"I had a lot of cartoon characters that used to get me sexually aroused as a kid... The female reindeer from the Rudolph claymation series, when I was in preschool, I used to be bricked up watching that shit." -Jack Harlow
by real_philly February 11, 2020
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A person who is willing to stand up for human SHIT.

Someone who is willing to prove human SHIT IS THE TASTIEST and most AAFFECTIONATE. (A)NAL (A)LAN

Help SHIT IMMENSELY by exorcising bad human company away from SHIT.




The most catastrophic bicycle and auto accident.
Overheating your conversation as you said SHIT STINKS as of being SHIT DEFENDERS I will tell you SHIT SMELLS GREAT and not only that SHIT IS GOOD at EVERYTHING so watch what you say about SHIT!!!!

I will vouch as SHIT DEFENDERS as I WILL EAT SHIT to show you SHIT is the tastiest and affectionate as I am going to get a good STOMACH FUCKING as SHIT DEFENDERS .

As a matter of course SHIT DEFRENDERS knows 666 is there when SHIT has the wrong human company and SHIT DEFENDERS is always there to clear out the bad 666 influence away from SHIT.

CHRISTOPHER I am very content you are standing up for SHIT as the SHIT DEFENDERS would not have it any differently.

If you get the SHIT DEFENDERS angry they may send the killer AMOEBAS your way so always be nice to SHIT and EAT SHIT with a heart HEARTY.

Look in the TOILET as lots of beautiful SHIT DEFENDERS as you can smell the FARTS.

If you look at this aftermath of this bicycle and auto accident you can clearly see the SHIT DEFENDERS as both vehicles lost them due to the tremendous high speed impact.
by METE MEAT MEET May 24, 2021
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