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Shirtless Profile Asshole believes that they are God’s gift to social networking. In reality, they have nothing to offer, so Shirtless Profile Asshole snaps a photo (often fuzzy or dimly lit) and uses this as their MySpace and / or Facebook (or other predatory website) profile picture.

More often than not (although not necessarily a requirement for the definition), Shirtless Profile Asshole leaves their ugly face out of the image, which can only work to their advantage. Shirtless Profile Asshole usually sports some form of boring tribal arm band or barb wire tattoo. This is due to Shirtless Profile Asshole’s complete lack of originality in every aspect of their life.

Shirtless Profile Asshole most likely owns a crotch rocket or a Mustang (see Crotch Rocket Asshole and/or Mustang Asshole), which makes for the brain-wrenching choice of which stupid photo to use for their profile…their lame ride, or their zit-filled bare chest?
When Sid discovered that his personsality and character wasnt able to get him far in the dating scene, he morphed into Shirtless Profile Asshole and the number of girls on his "friends" list skyrocketed. Too bad the fake-ass girls on his list accept anybody who send them an invite, just to boost their own egos with the false hopes that they themselves may have something to offer. They really could care less about the zits or ugly tattoos that he sports.
by mad genius December 7, 2010
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