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1) n. Shirix (an anagram of 'irish' with an additional 'x') is the fictional Nobody character of DeviantART's NayruAsukei (created the dA club Org-Infinity along with WindnStorm, or Xelcan) inspired by the group Organization XIII from the Kingdom Hearts video game series. She controls white magic with an african blackwood wand, 17 inches, with a shamrock core. Originating from Halloween Town, she has been titled "The Charmed Witch", and number XVII in the group. She superiors alongside Xelcan.

2) v. Donning a large amount of black and white stripes in a dark and possibly witchy fashion, so as to resemble the character Shirix (see above.) or possibly one in a jail.
1- "Did you hear that Shirix has a secret list of untaken elements for the club? I really should buddy up with her."

2- "I was designing a costume for myself until I realized I was Shirixing, and I doubt people would realize the proper reference."
by ZombieIrish January 02, 2008
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