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Shinjan is a brown name, it means strong brown person. It is de-rived from the name Shinjanis he was the first strong brown person, Shinjan is the second. Brown people are plauged with small penis's and weak stretgh, but they make up for it with intelligence. One brown doctor explains that a your penis only need to be 4 inchs to penitrate the female vagina, he had a 4 inch dick. Though he failed to mention that girls don't get wet when presented with a 4 inch penis so then sex is very unpleasent.
Shinjan is not the normal brown guy as he has the strentgh of an ox, and only 2 girls in cali know his penile lentgh aha.
Hey look it's Shinjan he is so strong but has a small member.
by One armed Man. October 06, 2009
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