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A male human of chinese descent who is fluent at english and french. Has a large quantity of hair situated upon their cranium and are a soul-mate to many. Usually, they are incredibly intelligent, able to solve hard problems and help others that are less fortunate in the brains department. Also very good with girls.

Derived from the french word, Chinois, which means Chinese.
Mitch: Hey Sam i need help with physics.

Sam: Sorry mate i don't do physics. Why don't you ask Shinhead over here? Hey Shinhead, can you stop talking with that chick and come over here and help us?

Shinhead: Oh okay then. Right let's see, oh okay, yeah you see how you require the critical velocity to achieve enough kinetic energy and potential energy to circumnavigate the entire circle...

*Sam and Mitch fall asleep*
by The Shinhead April 28, 2009
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