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A custom sandwich comprised of a few key standard ingredients, The sandwich must sound like something you'd never actually want to eat, but 9/10 times tastes amazing. This particular sandwich is usually created while intoxicated.

Sandwich Rules:
- A Shiesty Doubler must contain the following, as a standard.
- English Muffin in three pieces. Top, middle, bottom.
- Cream Cheese
- Jelly (any kind, Jam works as well)
- Toasted for no less than 2.5 minutes
- Must contain more than 6 ingredients

Thus far, known DELICIOUS combinations include:
- English Muffin, Broccoli, Creme Cheese, Jelly, Popcorn, Provalone Cheese, Steak Sauce, Ham, Toasted for 4 minutes.
- English Muffin, Spaghetti, Creme Cheese, Cherry Jelly, Steak Sauce, American cheese, Ham, Turkey, Toasted for 2.5 Minutes.

The Shiesty Doubler is up to you ultimately as long as the base rules are followed for creating it. They're delicious, and often far from nutritious!
Woah, We've been drinking all night...what should we make for breakfast? How about some Shiesty Doublers!
by Kevin... December 18, 2007
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