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A shielbard is basically a shield used as a scabbard/sheath to carry specific weapons such as swords, axes, lances or act as a quiver for arrows specifically for archers. This special type of shield is seen in video games, anime and manga.
The shielbard is commonly known as a shield to this very day, but none was able to give this kind of shield a special name for its own.
This portmanteau was created by a individual with the username, Hairyblob2, out of sheer thought.
Zero, the Winged Knight from SD Gundam pulls his sword from a shielbard when ready for battle.

The Hero Class from the Fire Emblem Gameboy Advance games uses shields to hold their swords and axes. In this case, shielbards.

Patrokolos Alexandra, the young son of Sophitia from the Soul Calibur games became a playable character in the fifth game. He uses the Stigma Sword and uses the Arcadia Shield, which is a shielbard.
by Hairyblob2 December 18, 2012
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