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A clean replacement for the popular curse word shit.

The origin of the word Shetos goes far back to the vikings time. In the 10th century,When the Vikings were dwelling in Europe, they came upon a tribe called "the massagonians" whom specialized in art and magic. The Massos saw these Vikings as any day travelers,but little did they know that they'd soon be stripped of their essentials. One young warrior of the Massos tribe, named Chu-mada, decided to fight back in hopes a rebel alliance could take on the Vikings. This attempt was a failure, for Chu-mada was the only one who fought back and was killed. During this rebellion, The chief of the Massos had just finished making a pact with the commander of the Vikings in which no masso would be harmed,but because of Chu-mada, every Masso was to be decimated. To this, the chief of Massos last word was "Shetos!"And on this word has been transferred throughout history being used to not only tell the legend of these great warriors, but to avoid saying a curse word in front of your priest.
What the shetos!" "what is it juan?" "i got baby oil all over my suit!
by Chu-madajuan23 December 13, 2010
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