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Eng, pronounced "Shee Smellt"

The the unpleasant, smelt like odor, that is often found between a woman's legs after exercising or a night of rough unprotected sex.

Spanish meaning- term used by Cortez in 1487 to describe the smell he discovered when he had sex with the first native in La Florida (currently the State of Florida in the United States).
Chad "Yawwwn, hey what the..??? Were you eating fish sticks in bed again last night?"

Woman "Sorry, thats my crotch you smell. I have a bad case of the shesmelt. I need to go buy Summer's Eve.

Also popular term in German Lore. In 1678 the Kaiser of Wunderbrauten was said to have made the comment "Mein Shesmelt" when he saw a peasant running thru the forest with a gang of cats following her.
by galacticfish1 July 27, 2011
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