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A shertard is someone who posts on the MMA forum sherdog.

You can usually tell a shertard apart from a regular poster as they're around 14 - 17yrs old, live in their parents basement, make outlandish statements and act like armchair quarterbacks. They hate the UFC and dana white with a passion because they are too legit to quit and they're too cool to like anything mainstream. Act like grammar police when outdone in an argument, think they're red hot playas and get all the pussy in the world and have never been in a real fight or competed in their life.
Example 1
Shertard - '' The way chuck liddell is holding his hands is all wrong, if i was fighting him i would just throw a left hook counter and knock him out''

Regular poster '' STFU shertard you've probably never fought a day in your life'

Example 2
Regular Poster ''Man Arianny Celeste is so hot, she's the cause of global warming''

Shertard ''She isn't that good, i mean sure i'd hit her and all but i have hotter chicks hitting on me all the time when i'm checking it in the club''
by timmeh otoole August 27, 2009
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