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The most wonderfully beautiful, and honest person in the world. Known to be more beautiful than the sunny morning sky and lovelier than the moonlit summer walk home. She dont take no shit. The best friend you ever even heard of. Bubblicious. A sexy bitch, cute, smart, talented girl. She's really cool and can find humour in almost anything. Everyone likes her. Beautiful Goddess with one of the most gorgeous set of eyes you will ever look into. Smooth skin and always smells good, most of them have long hair, far completion. One of the most sweetest realest woman you would ever find. Definitely a keeper MUST WIFE, a freak in the bed DID I SAY FREAK IN THE BED!! Has a banging ass and would put any average chick to SHAME..
Damn did you see that girl??

Yeah!! that's Sherresa back off get yo own!!
by anonymouslove101 February 14, 2010
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