A one of kind take no mess from anybody kind of woman who is sure of herself and knows her worth and what she brings to the table. Don't get on her bad side bc it would be the last thing you ever do.
Man you see how she carries herself...that's a Sheronda!
by Sent4mheaven December 21, 2016
Sheronda's passion is to live life to the fullest. A positive and confident girl who never gives up on achieving her goals. A self-forgiving girl whose honest about her failures. She may have regrets but she doesn't like to dwell on them but rather move forward. She's the goddess of relationships whose admired by many men. She loves her family and friends and she's the connector whenever there's a dispute. Sheronda treats everyone with the same level of respect but will nunchuck anyone who disrespects her. To Sheronda a light conscience is more important than a heavy wallet.
Sheronda is prone to questioning authority and loves to engage in intense intellectual discussions especially after sex. Sheronda has a golden heart that only the richest of men can afford. She likes the 'bad boy' with a XXXL penis who can fulfil her sexual fantasies who do what they want and when they want. Sheronda is one sexy girl with dreams that only a few men can impress.
Molly: "I thought Sheronda liked bad boys so what is she doing with Russell, his a nerd and a geek"
Sam: "Nah, that's what you think, When that suit comes off his tattered all over with a nipple piercing".
Molly: "Holy shit, I'm going to walk up to him and accidentally pour my drink on his shirt".
by Hayati wa omri September 23, 2017