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A small Texas town 60 miles north of Dallas, also known to locals as Shertown. Home of the Austin College Roos and the Sherman Bearcats. Void of any fun activities. Wal-mart is the hang-out place for the average teenager. Really friendly people who speak hick including words such as "fixin' to" and "wersh" (wash). Outcasts include people of other races, people without Myspace pages, and people who wear anything other than a t-shirt and American Eagle jeans. About seventy-eight percent of people raised in Sherman are stuck there the rest of their lives. See S&S Consolidated.
Well Earl, today I waz gonna drive up to Sherman, TX, to get that there feed Jay promised me. But I done got pulled over by that dadgum Johhny Law that patrols that one highway, and did you know...those them lights are so bright, I near wrecked tryin' to pull over for him.
by Rippin' Pile O' JewJew Beans December 24, 2008
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