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A place where the Tower People at the top of Hey Road come on the weekends to get drunk, eat Posty's food and watch Matthew, High Energy, Littlebigwood, Mofo bitch about losing the Raptor. Once in a while Team Awesome, (the country version of Jersey Shore) shows up to prelim before a hard night of drinking at the Honky Tonk (Richie's). Some people ride their horses and lawnmowers there so they wont get arrested for drunk driving. Quads, a Unimog and story telling are plentiful. Home of the Sherburne Wolfpack ATV Club. The Wolpacks arch rival is the Three Little Pigs Club, membersip of 1. Two other quad clubs are the Sherburne Wheelers and the Trail Blazers. They don't get along very well. To live here you must have a garage bigger then your house and own a pickup truck. It may be a small town but there is a lot to do here such as drink, mow your lawn, and tend to your cows. Most people here are friendly. Sherburne is a beautiful, friendly, awesome place to live. Come visit us in this middle of no where town! :)
Person: Hey I'm on my way to Sherburne to get drunk with the Tower People.
by Big Boy P. October 22, 2011
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