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The only place in the world that manufactures the wiffle ball. Also known for its downtown section, that only looks good in comparison to it's rival city, Derby, the smallest city in CT. Shelton High is also home to most marijuana in New England, and the third most in the country. The city is part of Fairfield County and takes pride in that, but the rest of Fairfield County wishes that Shelton didn't exist. The majority of Shelton consists of do-rags, mullets, and a middle class. This middle class consists of many people who only want to get out of the city. Shelton is also in the middle of nowhere, and it takes about 10 to 15 min to get out of it. After that, anywhere else in the world only takes 5. Usually when you have friends outside of Shelton, they are ashamed that you are from Shelton and when they tell people you are from Shelton they say it in a funny voice because thats how it should be said. The city is also home to an array of lawn ornaments, including marble lions, pink flamingos, giant horse statues, and colorful pinwheels. There is a large population of Italian and Portuguese people in Shelton, who are immensely proud of their heritage. The mayor of Shelton has been the same for what its seemed like a century, and its considered blasphemy to vote against him. Wal-mart is where a lot people shop, and its rare that you find these people in a store outside of the city.
Shelton, CT , you mean the place where all the sketch mastas live?
by sheltonite August 07, 2006
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