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Since overdosing on marijuana is impossible, "shelcodt" is like the step before overdosing. In order to "shelcodt" you must display extreme behavior. You can not be under the influence of any other drug except marijuana at the time. Usually a person "shelcodts" when he/she first starts smoking. Some symptoms include, extreme paranoia, visual impairment, inability to mobilize, panic attacks, the "giggles" for long periods of time, loss of coherence, blackouts, vomiting, breathing troubles, loss of self awareness, etc.
For more experienced smokers, your ganja intake has to be excessive, for a "shelcodt"

If you happen to witness a "Shelcodt" get the person water immediatly! Don't panic, just keep them company until they pass out or calm down. No one has ever died as a direct result of marijuanna.

"Shelcodting" can happen anywhere and it is a frightful experience for you and your audience. This is a serious event where you will find your true friends reveal themselves. However, when you look back on a "shelcodt" you can't help but laugh and think... "damn, I smoked alot of weed that day."
"Mary Jane "shelcodted" after that 8 blunt "cypher" yesterday!"

"What did you do last night?" "I don't know? After we smoked that white widow I can't remember anything. This morning I woke up in a bush with a shoe tied to my head." "Damn, it sounds like you "shelcodted"

"We were sitting in the kitchen after smoking a blunt. Thats when she said everything was blue. She tried to get up and walk into the other room and just bounced awkwardly. Then she said she saw red spots. Once she stood out in the rain she was fine but I've never seen someone "shelcodt" like that."
by The_Lesbian May 25, 2007
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