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Most commonly known amongst a group of meth monsters, goes by the traditional name Stephanie or Stephanie Whoreclap. Can be easily spotted in jeans 3 sizes too small with a hearty muffin top protruding out of her screaming vag lies an abundance of wasteful Fupa. She will eat you alive, steal and reset your phone claiming it was accidnetial.. then she'll prey upon you and give you meth to smoke all while plotting with her newly met homeboys to permanently borrow your only vehicle, with no regard to any life at all. She is really supposed to be searching for appropriate welfare housing for her teenage daughter; however she's gotten a little sidetracked by the glass dick.
Cathy: "hey, I seen some nice rentals to move into for you and your daughter.
Steph: "Oh yeah, I'll check it out when I get back from using my homeboys vehicle to go boost shit from Penny's"

Cathy: When will you be back?

Steph: oh you know, in like an hour or so, my homeboys fixing this car and I'm getting a new battery.

Cathy: Bitch, you ain't coming back you no good Sheezapeezashitphanie"
by Nosuchname416 May 17, 2018
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