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To lavishly spend money on the consumption of cocaine, women, and booze. It's more predominately used in association with good (emphasis on GOOD) cocaine, but the entire experience must incorporate all three elements.

No other drug may substitute for cocaine, although other drug use may be infused into the collective process.

The girls must be attractive (paid or unpaid) while under the influence of minimal amounts of alcohol. In other words, not some nasty shit that requires an entire bottle of Jack and two tabs of acid.

Alcohol should be decent....reserve piss water for the bathroom floor. AKA....anything with the words "Light" in it, anything that's canned, and anything that taste like it came from the "distillery" across from the "donkey show" off of Revolucion in Tijuana.....won't work.
Last night I took shots of Patron to the head and hooked up with these two girls. I was doing lines of yay off the younger ones tits until 6am....I THINK she was 18, ether way, shit was Sheenish!

The ladies just arrived, the bottles are on the way and the precious white girl is in my pocket....tonight's about to get Sheenish.

Duuuude, rail it on out....there's hoes all up in here and I'm ready to start Sheening!

Man, I so damn depressed right now....I seriously need to fuckin Sheen.

Q: How was Vegas?
Re: Shit was Sheeeeenish!!!!!!!!!
by Mike, The Platinum Kangol July 21, 2011
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