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Current Celebrity Cocktail, yes we'll call it a cocktail. Invented by a couple of bored drunks on an all day binge in Bangor Co.Down. There was many drafts but this is the one more suitable for human consumption. Made with one shot of Jagermiester, one shot of Goldshlagger, one shot of Dark Rum and a full shot of espresso, add one brown sugar or slice of lime (depending on taste) and down it in one, whilst its still warm (red bull can also be added for the hardcore, but it smells a little like vomit then).
After 4 or 5 of these badboys in a row, you start talking gibberish and screaming about trolls. Loss of clothing is not uncommon. For best results continue normal drinking before and after "Sheening" it. Guaranteed to fuck you up at the time and the next day with a vengance!
*Warning, it does as it says on the tin. You will suffer a complete mental and financial breakdown after.*
I just ran too the shop and couldnt stop, ran through 4 shelves and killed a man, mustve been those Sheen Machines
by Valhalla Awaits April 07, 2011
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a person with a capacity for winning equal to that of Charlie Sheen's
Q: Wow! How was he able to accomplish such a feat?

A: It doesn't surprise me, that guy's a Sheen Machine.
by UnkyGeorge April 08, 2011
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