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Sheehan’s syndrome: pituitary insufficiency (cf. Simmonds’ disease) caused by necrosis of the gland as a result of post-partum hæmorrhage and shock.

1950 R. F. Escamilla in S. Soskin Progr. Clinical Endocrinol. x. 529 Case II represents an instance of onset of the disease following a complicated delivery, and is therefore an example of the subclassification of Simmonds’ disease described by Sheehan, and called ‘Sheehan’s syndrome’ by some authors.

1973 Daily Colonist (Victoria, B.C.) 18 July 2/3 Since the pituitary controls other endocrine glands, Sheehan’s syndrome produces symptoms resulting from failure of other glands.
Cindy Sheehan has Sheehan's Syndrome
by AJR August 31, 2005
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