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A type of whore, slut, or some skanky kind of girl. Usually found in a small town. Often dates emo fags, and they usually listen to shitty music. Sheashits scratch themselves and call it a cut, and they often color on themselves to make it look like their father beats them. They are loud, obnoxious, bitchy, slutty, females, who always want their way. Sheashits usually try to fuck up happy peoples lives, and they become jealous very easily. This often results in shit being burned on their front porch. They are known to cry themselves to sleep because mommy didn't buy them a car at age 14. Sheashits fall in love easily, so that they can cheat on their boyfriends and act like they feel bad about it.
All this being said, a typical sheashit likes to cheat, dress whorish, lie, whine, complain, bitch, have sex (over and over), smoke cigarettes, and scream about pointless issues.
Their names are usually bitchy... like Morgan
A. Dude, did you hear about that bitch who cheated on Nate?
B. Yeah, it's the same chick that got kicked out of school for snorting crack in the bathroom!
A. Really? What a sheashit!!!
B. Yeah man... let's burn poop on her doorstep.
by Codayyy A. August 04, 2006
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