Basically used to describe that someone did something perfectly or looked fabulous.
She ate that role.
by MickFed October 5, 2021
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When a girl gives you head and deep throats it all to where there is nothing left.
I took that girl home from the bar last night and she ate the bones
by Rise_N_Fire June 10, 2013
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When someone portrays an act usually on social media showing themselves being “attractive” or doing exceptionally on a trend. However one’s thoughts might differ and this is where the term comes in. “She thought she ate” meaning she thought she did so good on that trend or she thought she was hot or she thought she was all that.
by diareahfarttoes69 April 9, 2022
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when you're so bored you type tiktok comments into urban dictionary
comments of a tiktok video addressing cyberbullying:

pinkfluffy873: omg so good

rogerthesimp90: Martha😁was🥰an🙃average🐕dog. She went💨aërf🍒&🤕ærph😪&👻EEEER🤠when👧🏻she👄ate🤏🏻some🤖alphabet👽soup,🐶then🧦what🌸happened🌚was🌈bizarre🧽
Get the martha😁was🥰an🙃average🐕dog. she went💨aërf🍒&🤕ærph😪&👻eeeer🤠when👧🏻she👄ate🤏🏻some🤖alphabet👽soup,🐶then🧦what🌸happened🌚was🌈bizarre🧽 mug.