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The Shazzatron is a mostly solitary creature, residing in it's darkened hovel preening it's self in front of it's web cam. It attempts to portrey it's self as a genuine kind hearted soul and often succeeds in luring the young, unsuspecting and week of mind. The warm, kind hearted front is a mere ruse and nothing more than an attempt at gaining popularity so as to have what it feels to be some level of control over an online community. The Shazzatron's supporters often follow it blindly into battle in any flame war unaware they're under it's spell, (akin to that of a siren to a sailor) and willing fight for a cause they may not believe in.

The Shazzatron's favourite prey is younger unpartnered males. It encourages them, offers them a breast and mothers them. On occassion, older females are also dragged into the Shazzatron's web. Some become rock solid aly's, others are acutely aware of it's true motives and shun the creature. Most of it's prey are not aware they are under it's spell and doing it's bidding. A fortunate few souls see the light and recover from their ordeal relatively unscathed.

The Shazzatron's favoured trick is to perform act's that will be seen by others as selfless and above and beyond the call of duty. These act's though are far from selfless. As with all actions by the Shazzatron, any seemingly selfless act is for no reason other than to gain kudos and community approval. Such acts serve also to cement the ruse as genuine, in the minds of it's prey and others.

Beware the Shazzatron, there is one lurking near you.
Hey man, did you see that new girl online the other day?

Yeah man, don't bother with her she's a total Shazzatron.
by Miah81 July 15, 2009
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by FooBarBiz October 12, 2017
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