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An act of masturbation where one shaves their pubic hair and then proceeds to glue them to one's hand, usually the dominant hand. After the glue has dried, the performer of the act proceeds to make self love with the pube-covered hand.
Person 1: "Dude, why is your hand covered in pubes?"
Person 2: "Oh, I Shaved my Pet last night and can't get the pubes off."

Person 1: "I'm tired of regular masturbation, what can I do to spice it up?"
Person 2: "Why don't you Shave Your Pet?"
by UhuhUhhuhUhhuh July 08, 2014
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The act of shaving a hariy, submissive and bound up persons anus in order to make anal sex easier
"Drake's ass was hairy so james could not enjoy his bound anus. James immedeatly had to shave your pet in order to enjoy his submissive bitch"
by thepetshaver July 09, 2014
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