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One of the most marvelous person on this Earth. Everything about her is awesome. She's not a girly girl but she sure is beautiful. She has a hard time choosing boys because she doesn't know what it feels like to be treated right. She will have someone to show her what love is like. Shaunyce deserves the world. Btw, she has a NICE body!
"Hey ,do you see that girl over there?"
"Yeah I do."
"Her name is Shaunyce and her personality is so cool."
"She looks like she will break your heart!"
"Yeah she will, but not if you don't mess with hers."
by JessicaisJaunty November 24, 2018
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Pretty,funny,cool to be around,one of a kind. Not like other girl ,has to side but you don't want to make her mad.
Shaunyce you look pretty to day .
by Shaunyce June 18, 2018
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