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One who adores and idolizes William Shatner. Usually a female Trekkie who fantasizes about being one of the hot alien chicks Captain Kirk makes out with.
Listening to the original series Star Trek theme song and admiring her many Captain Kirk action figures, she proudly wrote on the wall in big letters: "I am a Shatnerd." And she was.
by the Pollylu July 08, 2004
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Children a new dawn is upon us, for I (Insig) have found the future, gone are the days of "own", usless are the phrases such as "o rly" and "zomg" becasue now there is only one...

shatner'd - It can be used anytime, anyplace and anywhere.
"dude, you just got Shatnered"

"man, thats Shatneriffic"

"Shatner does not aprrove"


by Insig August 29, 2005
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