Shatner Pause (punctuation) - A "Shatner Pause" is an insertion of an unnecessary pause while speaking or communicating through text based systems such as SMS text, chatting, or instant messaging. A Shatner Pause is defined as any sentence where two or more words are incorrectly given more emphasis and immediately followed by a pause whereupon the sentence is continued where yet another Shatner Pause may be inserted or the sentence ended.

In literary situations, such as text based communication or in print, the Shatner Pause should be designated using the double comma " ,, " instead of ellipsis " ... ". The ellipse "..." is properly used as a moment of silence. A moment of silence without defined theatrics is not defined as a Shatner Pause. Take note that the Shatner Pause in print does not carry the same grammar properties as typical punctuation in that it may interrupt a sentence without any notice but will not alter the structure of the sentence in any way.

The Shatner Pause was made famous by its namesake William Shatner. William Shatner is a professional actor and entertainer who gained popularity as Capt. Kirk on the 1960's television series Star Trek. Many examples of the Shatner Pause can be found watching the episodes.
"The night will bring,, many hardships before the sun rises." single Shatner Pause

"You are,, eating my chips,, and I want them back" example of a double Shatner Pause
by Ghost @ NerdNOS May 6, 2010
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